You'll Love Icon Island
Icon Island lets you save your favourite sites as icons. You create your own homepage with icon links - it's like having a desktop for the web!

Get Your Own Island
It's free and takes only a minute to set up. You can start creating your own island (homepage) straight-away. You can name your island and customize it with different themes. Once you start you’ll love using icons instead of your old favorites or bookmark lists.
Click here to see a demo

Access From Anywhere
Just like webmail, you can access your island (containing your bookmarks) from any computer. There is nothing you need to download.

Safe Site
We love icons, but we hate spyware, adware and malware of any kind. You do not need to download any software to use Icon Island. The only pop-ups we use are to provide you instructions.

What's Coming?
We are currently working on several developments so that you'll love Icon Island even more. Currently you select from our library of 100 icons. Soon you will be able to use any image you want as an icon including photos, clipart, your own artwork, just about anything.

What's more, you'll be able to share your icons and links with your friends or any of our thousands of users. Keep watching for further announcements as we develop this great social bookmarking site.
If you love icons, you'll love icon island!